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Our Mission


With the lightning fast growth of technology, it’s becoming increasingly more important for business owners to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and reconsider their “best practices”. Things have most definitely changed and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Many business owners with whom I’ve spoken feel like they are drowning in an endless sea of new “things we’re supposed to be doing online”. With Facebook “likes”, Twitter “tweets”, blogging, search engines, press releases, article marketing… Who has time to learn all this new stuff (let alone implement it)? You have a business to run and that’s exactly how you should be spending your time!

At Leads To Sales, we understand this. We work hand in hand with business owners like yourself, to ensure that every relevant marketing channel is fully utilized and optimized.

Web Design

The cornerstone to a successful marketing effort is a solid strategy. Each marketing channel can and should have a seamless integration with the others. This unified approach will multiply the results of your efforts allowing you to always be two steps ahead of the competition.


The secret to creating a marketing system that doesn’t become a second full time career is automation. Many of the processes, such as traffic generation, lead capture, customer engagement and social media campaigns, can be almost entirely automated! This makes managing your marketing machine something that can be done during your morning coffee!

Social Media

By forming affiliate relationships with relevant (but non competitive) partners, we can add entirely new income streams directly to your bottom line! Of course, this will also be rolled into your automation strategy and will be a completely passive income source.