Marketing Automation


Marketing AutomationRunning a business is a full time effort. Let’s face it… you’re busy! At Leads To Sales, we understand that. That’s the reason why we build websites designed to automate many of the processes involved in the acquisition of new clients and customers.

These are just a few things a properly designed website should do FOR you:


  • Discovery – We optimize your site for the key phrases that buyers use to search for the type of products/services you provide. This essentially functions as free advertising. As your website begins to rank higher in the search engines, prospects will “magically” begin to appear!
  • Customer Qualification – One of the most important parts of the sales process is qualifying the customer. It is a waste of your valuable time and energy to try to sell to someone who simply doesn’t need or want what you provide. Your website should automatically filter traffic, encouraging only interested parties to further engage with you and your sales team.
  • Lead Capture and Development – Encouraging prospective buyers to visit your website is important however, capturing their details allows you to reach out to them. This gives you the ability to develop a rapport with each visitor and keep your brand “front of mind” (and, of course, we automate that interaction as well!).
  • Strategic Ad Campaigns – With a well designed advertising campaign we can get you directly in front of your ideal prospects with an offer designed just for them. From there we automate the followup process to turn those prospects from leads to sales.